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Discover the 'Country House' Stock Collection by Narrative. This curated set of cinematic photographs encapsulates the timeless charm of country living. Captured by Rue, each image is a visual narrative—a sunlit kitchen, a cozy living room, or a secret garden—inviting your audience to feel, not just see. Ideal for creatives seeking authentic, emotionally-rich visuals for their projects. Make 'Country House' the evocative backdrop to your storytelling.

Country House

Purchase Collection  —  $40

Country House Collection

They are ideal for creatives, designers, and storytellers looking to enrich their work with authentic, emotionally-resonant imagery, be it in branding, web design, or editorial content.

What is the typical use case for the 'Country House' stock collection?

Absolutely, we provide a selection of sample images so you can get a sense of the collection's aesthetic and quality before making a commitment.

Is it possible to preview the 'Country House' collection before purchasing? 

Our 'Country House' collection is a curated set of heirloom cinematic photographs, offering not just visuals but emotional depth and storytelling elements that elevate your projects.

How is the 'Country House' collection different from other stock photos?

They come with a standard commercial license, allowing you to use the images across various mediums. For exclusive usage or extended licenses, please contact us directly.

What type of license comes with the stock collection?

While our photographs are crafted to evoke specific moods and narratives, they can serve as a versatile backdrop for customization within the limits of the license agreement.

Can I customize the images in the stock collection?

Our stock images are available in high-resolution JPEG or PNG formats, ensuring that they meet your project’s needs for quality and detail. We shoot in raw and the longest side will be 6000 pixels wide.

What is the resolution and format of the images?

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