Welcome, I'm Rue — your guide through a realm where photography transforms into cinematic art. As an award-winning visionary, I don't just capture moments; I turn them into emotional experiences. Dive into my portfolio, and you'll find more than images—you'll discover stories waiting to sweep you off your feet.

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Welcome to the world of Rue, the visionary lens behind Narrative. Based in the picturesque heart of Texas, in Brady, Rue has redefined the scope of contemporary photography by specializing in heirloom cinematic works. Here, photography transcends the mundane act of capturing moments—it becomes a soulful witness to life's rich tapestry of stories.

Winner of multiple industry accolades, Rue brings more than a decade of experience to the art form. Rue's unique approach bridges the gap between cinema and photography, imbuing each frame with emotion, texture, and narrative depth. From intimate portraits to grand family legacies, Rue’s work is a sentimental journey in visual storytelling.

Clients don't just walk away with a photograph; they leave with an heirloom—a narrative keepsake that transcends time and generation. As the creative force behind Narrative, Rue invites you to be more than a subject; be a co-author in your life's most captivating stories.

Sometimes it's more about the journey and less about the destination

Sundays, a soft lullaby for the soul—a day when time stretches and sighs, cradling us in a tranquil embrace.

Sunday vibes

Each click a pause in time, each frame an altar—worshiping the irreplaceable magic of the moment.

analog cameras

In the dusky arms of the desert, the golden hour whispers secrets, painting sand and soul with a fleeting kiss of fire.

desert Golden hour

Heirlooms of affection, glinting with history's hue—a tactile chronicle of lives lived and love accrued.

Grandmas jewelry

Woven in the loom of time, each family tale a golden thread, linking hearts in a tapestry of love and legacy.

family stories

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